Excess Equipment Auction

Bids due before midnight, February 28, 2022
(Auction is closed, but offers on anything we still have are encouraged)

Anyone may place a bid on any piece of equipment listed here. This is an open bid process. Minimum bids are shown for each item. Bidding will close at midnight on February 28th, and the high bidder will be notified. If two identical high bids are received, the first one received wins. Current high bids will be posted  next to the item within 24 hours of receipt when possible. Send bids and contact information to wa1zcn@myfairpoint.net. Payment can be cash, certified check, or bank draft. Licensed hams who have been a TSRC member for more than six months may pay with a personal check. Items can be picked up in Canaan, NH by appointment. NOTE: Items are being sold individually, so the listed minimum bid is for each piece.

No Warranty
While radios are known and believed to be in good working order, and antennas seem to be essentially complete, all sales are as-is, without warranty of any kind. However, you may arrange to look at and test the equipment in Canaan, NH before bidding by contacting Dave at wa1zcn@myfairpoint.net

Kenwood TS-440 HF  Minimum bid: $200
Yaesu FT-990 #1 HF w/o SSB filter Serial #2G150080  Minimum bid: $300  Winning BID $300
Yaesu FT-990 #2 HF Serial #4G340016  Minimum bid: $300  Winning BID $330
Yaesu FT-100D w/FC20 tuner (frayed mike cable)    Minimum bid: $400
Yaesu FT-7 QRP HF with 2 hand mics    Minimum bid: $150  
Yaesu FC-40 outdoor long-wire auto-tuner ($275 new)   Minimum bid: $75 Winning BID $75
Kenwood TS-711 2m all-mode     Minimum bid: $200
Icom IC-271A 2m all-mode with desk mic     Minimum bid: $200
Icom IC-900 multi-band FM mobile/remote base    Minimum bid: $100
Yaesu DR-1X VHF repeater w/Motorola squelch module    Minimum bid $400

HF Antennas
4 older HF beams, varying condition but complete   Minimum bid: $50 each  Winning BID FOR ONE BEAM $55
1 Cushcraft A4S – very good condition ($739 new)  Minimum bid: $300 Winning BID $300