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Photo Gallery

Burden's Hill - Strafford, VT site Burden's Hill - Strafford, VT site The tower and antenna This was the first step - our DB224 is side mounted, with a 1/2" Heliax feedline 205953687 We break ground for the shed base 205953693 Billy K1UFO and Fred K1FAB setting posts 205953692 Verne N5IEP plumbing a post 205953691 Verne N5IEP notching the corner posts 205953694 Verne(N5IEP) and Bill (WB1BRE) Burden 205953690 The shed deck floor system, almost done 205953688 The shed arrives 205964142 N5IEP burying the power line conduit 206008233 Setting a guy anchor for a power pole We used heavy hardwood logs, buried in a lateral trench, and covered with heavy rocks to anchor the pole guy wires. These should last many decades. 206223296 Power pole attachments 206223297