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Photo Gallery

SOTA Oct. 20, 2018 SOTA Oct. 20, 2018 Kearsarge SOTA 2018 The Professor, KB1VUN takes to the air 205380135 Kearsarge SOTA 2018 WA1ZCN and K1UFO Working the world on 2m 205380134 Kearsarge SOTA 2018 Gotta' be someone out there! 205380136 Kearsarge SOTA 2018 "Mr Science" N1HAC getting a few words in 205380137 Kearsarge SOTA 2018 Our expedition leader, AD1HD (no squirrels to distract him here - we had his full attention!) 205380139 Kearsarge SOTA 2018 Billy K1UFO and Fred K1FAB watching the action after finishing up an antenna test 205380140 Kearsarge SOTA 2018 Nicole KE8DHM hoping a gust of wind doesn't cause lift-off! 205380141 Event notes 205380725 The main antenna Superantenna setup 205381119 Our view 205381120 The crew in "action" 205381121 Claire, ready to go! 205381122 205382021 205382022 205382023