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Photo Gallery

Our Old Comm Van & Tower Trailer Our Old Comm Van & Tower Trailer Front It started life as a military ambulance 203911927 Side The Vermont Red Cross acquired it for a disaster response vehicle 203911918 Rear When the roof began leaking, Red Cross gave it to TSRC 203911919 Cab We replaced the roof and rebuilt the interior for our needs. The squad bench was removed along with the old gasoline-fired heater. 203911920 Cab interior An old 2m mobile was installed up front. Driving this thing was a challenge for some, with sloppy steering and full time four-wheel drive. It could also lock in all four wheels for true four-wheel power, which meant this thing could go anywhere. It was a beast. 203911921 Rear interior Most of the interior construction was done by Verne Burden, N5IEP. The roof replacement was done at Plasma Technologies Corp (AE1H's shop). 203911924 Interior stowed With one of our military surplus AB577 towers in it's rack, and the operating bench folded up, it was ready to roll. For some reason, the two office chairs were not inside for this photo. 203911922 Operating position Note the power and antenna patch panel below the whiteboard. The antenna cables went to a metal patch box on the underside of the ambulance and to rooftop antennas. 203911923 Patch panel The patch panel was built on a blank aluminum rack panel, and included three sets of PowerPoles, binding posts, and cigarette lighter plugs, each with its own circuit breaker. Antenna cables terminated on either end. The end panels were custom made. 203911926 Storage The storage bins were useful, but the rough ride often left the contents in disarray. In the end, the van had to be retired due to advancing rust and pricey insurance rates. 203911925 The old tower trailer This picture was taken just before it was sold. Dave Bridgham and Don Kollisch are in the photo. 206162662 The old tower trailer - fully erect The tower itself is a US Tower MA-40. Dan K1DAN stood next to it to give a sense of scale. 206162663