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Photo Gallery

Comm Trailer Work Comm Trailer Work Delivery day The trailer as it was upon delivery. 203911835 Interior modifications begin! 203911828 Wall panel off to allow wiring 203911829 Welding the bench frame Bill Beebe W1EOF, our volunteer professional welder from the seacoast. We couldn't have done this without him. Thanks, Bill! 203911823 More welding We had to be careful to keep the frame in alignment at all times because the heat of welding tended to warp it. 203911824 More welding 203911825 Teaching, too Bill taught Matt W1SKE the basics of welding, so Matt was able to do some of the finish welds later on. 203911826 Our new welder! Matt W1SKE looking mighty chuffed about his new skill. 203911830 The countertop We had to attach mounting blocks to the bottom of the countertop so we could screw it to the frame. 203911827 Assembly work 203911831 Al AE1H pulling wire 203911832 Rear bulkhead It was so empty! 203911833 The trailer at NEAR Fest Bill Burden, WB1BRE, ready to offer tours! 203911865 Deployed at CVFMA's winter swapfest You can't tell from this picture, but it was super cold this day! The trailer is a popular attraction everywhere we take it. 203911929 Operating positions A view from the back door, as it appears today. Note the power/antenna/phone/data patch box behind the laptop 203912255 Operating positions We have three operating positions, two in cubicles, and the third wide open for more complex operations 203912256