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Photo Gallery

Field Days Past and Present Field Days Past and Present Field Day 2016 The two operating positions in our custom built 14' communications trailer. 203292121 Field Day 2012 Our tower array on top of Storrs Hill in Lebanon. 203292122 Field Day 2012 WA1ZCN comes out of his operating position - for air. 203292123 Field Day 2013 Stan working on our old military tower trailer. 203292124 Field Day 2013 Dave, WA1ZCN unloading the canopy 203292125 Field Day 2013 Checking the battery bank 203292126 Field Day 2013 Starting the generator that charges our batteries 203292127 Field Day 2013 Clearly, something's wrong! What do you see, Doug? 203292128 Field Day 2013 Ed and Mike, setting up the AB577 launcher 203292129 Field Day 2013 Attaching the top of the AB577's mast 203292130 Field Day 2013 Getting organized 203292131 Field Day 2013 Beam assembly in progress 203292132 Field Day 2014 Dan, K1DAN and Dave WA1ZCN 203292133 Field Day 2017 Our operating (and loafing) positions and antenna farm 204261349 Field Day 2017 The AB577 tower and tri-band beam 204261348 Field Day 2017 Glen, W1FNJ 204261350 Field Day 2017 Steve, W1HS 204261351 Field Day 2017 Adam, KC1GDW at the digital station in Comm Trailer operating position 3 204261352 Field Day 2017 The 6m beam on a military crank-up mast 204261354 Field Day 2017 Our old military tower trailer with the Moseley Mini-33A tribander 204261355 Field Day 2017 Ken, W1KRT on 6m under the canopy 204261356 Field Day 2017 The 40' mast supporting the far end of the all-important 40m dipole. 204261357 Field Day 2018 The three stations in the communications trailer 204261353 Field Day 2020 The trailers set up at World Headquarters in Canaan, NH for a rather different Pandemic Field Day. 206234394 Field Day 2020 Matt operating in the partially completed Support Trailer 206237173 206480933 206480934 206480935 206480936 206480937 206480938