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Photo Gallery

Moose Mt. Repeaters Moose Mt. Repeaters Moose Mt. repeater cabinet 6' military surplus rack cabinet housing GE Mastr II VHF and UHF repeaters and 222 link radio 202747859 Moose Mt. Tower Work WA1ZCN inside the old tower 202747861 Looking down on Moose This is what the tower crew sees from our antenna location 202747862 The old Moose Mt. tower Circle is around our antenna array. We're about 15' lower on the new tower to accommodate more cellular racks above. 202747871 W1FN Moose Mt. Antenna Array A fuzzy pic of our antenna system on the old tower. The system on the new tower is identical. 202747863 Moose Mt. - Old and New Summer 2016 - Old and new towers side by side. 202747864 Old and New Summer 2016 202747865 Triplexer This is the Austin triplexer installed in a heavy duty fiberglass enclosure with custom made fittings, mounting plate and cables. 202747866 Triplexer Connection view of the bottom 202747867 New Equipment Fall 2015 - our new hardware and antenna 202747868 Going up! The new DB224 on the way up with the tower crew, riding the winch cable. 202747869 Winch operator Poor guy had a stiff neck. 202747870