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Photo Gallery

Early Days Early Days Hamfest Dinner 1956 Hamfest - Concord, NH 185523086 TSRC at Hamfest 1956 Concord Hamfest dinner - TSRC members 185523087 Don Harlow W1ELJ K1HGS Field Day 1959 - KUA cabin 185523088 Generator K1HGS Field Day 1959 generator site 185523089 K1HGS Field Day site Field Day 1959 at KUA cabin (no longer in existence) 185523090 6m AM Don Harlow at the mic 185523091 Cedric K1DVM 2m AM station - person at left unidentified 185523092 KUA cabin The former Kimball Union Academy cabin in Meriden, NH - site of TSRC's 1959 ARRL Field Day operation 185523093 W1FN - Our founder Well, his back-side anyway. We don't have any good pictures of Forrest Adams, unfortunately. 185523094 TSRC club house Preparations for the 1959 Field Day at the club's former clubhouse on Old Pine Tree Cemetery Rd in Lebanon, NH. 185523095